Ops! Sorry but I still have not finish with the so called graduation party story :) After long chat in Arslan, we checked in at the hostel provided by GIZ and get ready for the party to start. It is not about the party in the Ratskeller that we were excited about. We girls were actually can’t wait for the after party in Idayu’s room where we had the chance to just let loose and gossiping all night long. Okayh I’m bluffing. Not the whole night cause we were too exhausted but at least it last until 2am. The next day was not less exciting the the previous one. We had breakfast from 730am until almost 10am and continued in Coffee Fellows until it was 12pm. Felt like it was still not enough, we headed to KFC for lunch. If I’m not mistaken, there were more than 10 of us, acting like Stuttgart’s KFC were ours. Too bad that every good time have to come to an end  but trust me that was not the last time we hang out together ;)

My favourite’s photopartner (Read: Petite people look good together in photos )

What a boring pose! Nevertheless everyone looks lovely :)

Why do I have to look over chubby in each photo?

Sometimes having a candid shot wouldn’t do any harm at all right, Maryam?

Pardon the one in the middle. This was just a lil part of her act that night.

See. This one was the real act. I was forced to snap this. Hahaha

Nabil was giving his full attention to En. Nizam, our JPA’s officer.

And while the boys were busing doing this…

…we were busy doing what we know best: posing for a better shot ;)


Check the rest of the photos here.

Special thanks to El Mariachi for willing to mention chybeelila.com in his blog. Thanks again to you :)

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      kuang2…kuangggggg ^_^
      taip aje laaaa…SELAMAT MALAM

    2. nice picture
      nice stail
      nice friend
      nice face
      nie blog :)

    3. nice picture
      nice stail
      nice friend
      nice face
      nice blog :)

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