After more than 7 months writing my thesis at ABB Switzerland AG, it is finally the time to say goodbye. Thank you Thomas for your support. You are the coolest supervisor ever! (eventhough most of the time i’m scared of you and sometimes you being workaholic really bother me and make me look super lazy) The time i spend here sure by far one of the best working experience i had. Until next time Leute!



Schaffhausen train station: where I am for most of weekdays’ morning


Sunrise from my old workplace


Waiting for the bus after 8 hours of work


When the bus came late, this is all I could see from the busstop. Boring!


My clean workplace. No more circuit breakers or disconnectors. Yeay!


Lastly, listen to this goodbye song. It has nothing to do with this entry. Just some music that I love :)




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    8 Responses to “Goodbye”

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    1. dah ni aku baca ni…belum tekan iklan je..fuiyo gambar kat cermin tu kool… :P

    2. 1st – Lawa kaki! hahaha pompuan sokmo amik gmbr kaki …
      2nd – best kot ddk oversea :D

    3. The best workplace ever! My fascination with building architecture has increased.
      Nisa’´s last [type] ..My everyday life story

    4. nice pic laaa…. hehehee
      adam narzuan´s last [type] ..Sayangku..Bahagiakah Kita??

    5. the best word Good Luck for the next :)
      Kazen´s last [type] ..Wordless Wednesday 36 | Salah Siapa??

    6. cun juga permandangan disana :D mesti cool jer kan? heh ;)
      hafidz´s last [type] ..Kord Gitar : Pesawat – Mirage

    7. Wah, nanti kalau kerje dengan ABB, boleh la contact saya jadi supplier ye..:-)
      Jamal´s last [type] ..SapuraKencana Petroleum Needs US$1.5b New Jobs a Year

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