Suddenly I’m in the mood to edit photos and update my blog. Maybe because I truely miss doing this thing that I love :) This is just a simple post to say hai and hello to everyone. I’m not sure if anyone still waiting for an update here at chybeelila.com but if there’s any, here it is…a new post. I will write a proper entry within next week insyaAllah.

Btw, I just realize that i haven’t been taking any good photos for a while now. Huhu…really miss to shoot. Maybe after I’m done with certain things perhap. Anyone interested to join for a photowalk? :p Not sure where exactly. Any suggestion would be most welcome. Till next time everyone.


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    1. photo walk near beach side must be interesting..i love beach..:)

    2. any photo from you in German, is always interesting…:)

    3. i dont know if you remember me but i used to love your blog alot! :) nice vibrant photos all the time, im looking forward for more

      Latest: Penang Food Festival

      • used to love? haha…i guess it’s quite boring now right? thanks anyway for coming. I’ll try my best

    4. Germany = Good Photo :)

    5. besar kaca mata tu.blh i pinjam.

    6. i can read, listen n speak english but bad writing huhu… wish to write english post too :)

      # nice caption there :)
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