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I’ll be going back to Malaysia in 2 weeks. Been thinking about selling some of my clothes and other stuff but I’m not sure if anyone would be interested. Or maybe some kind of service like I buy for you something and I’ll charge a few RM for carrying the stuff back to Malaysia for you. My mind really into business lately. Pardon me for that. Let me know what you guys think about this. Hurm…

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    1. That’s a great idea chybee…ok i wanna ask for fridge magnet and mug if u can. Let me know how much u charge for that? :)
      Ladywindsor´s last [type] ..If i am a man…

    2. hi chybee!
      dah blk malaysia ke?
      tiera´s last [type] ..Parenting Knowledge

    3. anyway welcome back to malaysia :)
      Kazen´s last [type] ..‘Segmen Follower by EEsya Lavinge’

    4. congratz this blog is Pagerank 4 even did not update for long :)
      Kazen´s last [type] ..Lelaki pemalas?

    5. hi chybee..ok thanks..anything email akak ya..seronoknya!:)
      ladywindsor´s last [type] ..Haunted…

    6. menarikkk saya nk jugak heee :D
      cekmet´s last [type] ..Eqbal Zack: Brisbane Giveaway

    7. hieee klau blh order lg la.. nnt sy email akk..

    8. ouh ok akk.. ni email akk kan yanie@chybeelila.com..?
      cekmet´s last [type] ..Eqbal Zack: Brisbane Giveaway

    9. olait akk sy da email kan hiee :D

    10. olait done hieee :D
      cekmet´s last [type] ..Eqbal Zack: Brisbane Giveaway

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