Baby Language

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Haiqal has turned 5 months last monday! I can’t believe how fast he grows already. My husband and I was so excited when haiqal suddenly talking non-stop using his own language. We call it dadadadada language. Lol… just because it’s the only word he pronounced.  Haha… it’s ok baby. Still a good effort. Try harder ok! Mummy and daddy will try our best to understand you ;)

Did I mention that he could already turn his body now? The first time it happened, we clapped so hard and smile as big as we could. Even haiqal was excited when he saw our reaction. I’m truely glad to be able to experience this on my own. Mummy is looking forward to see u grow big and healthy baby!!

Watch more videos of Haiqal from my youtube channel or follow my instagram @chybeelila ;)

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    1. Ohh..I miss your wedding news…and now baby pun dah 5 months…I really have been out of touch with many blogger frens news..hehe..

      Tahniah on your wedding and the birth of your baby.. Alhamdulillah.
      Cheqna´s last [type] ..Trying to keep up :-)

      • I hardly write too. That’s why not many knew about my wedding. Only after I got the baby I try to write once a while. As a remembrance :)

    2. Keep on writing even if once in a while…hehe..

      cheqna´s last [type] ..Wordless : Sunset @ Ha Long Bay Vietnam.

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