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The Enchantment Protocol Review by Kevin Duffield OTO Upsell Download – comprehensive training that gives any business owner an unfair advantage over the competition – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

The Enchantment Protocol review

The Enchantment Protocol is amazing product

What is The Enchantment Protocol? The Enchantment Protocol is a bundle of Enchanted Marketing, Firebrand Advertising, Kev’s Copy Course, Engineering Authority and Xmind. The Enchantment Protocol is a comprehensive training that gives any business owner an unfair advantage over the competition. “A Class Unlike Any Other”. You see, The Enchantment Protocol is a unique class. It’s the world’s only class that goes deep into 18 specific, actionable marketing secrets that kick start businesses and send them to the stratosphere. Like clockwork. Predictably. Every day. Now, you obviously understand that it is impossible to separate advertising from marketing, they are so intertwined. And its impossible to separate copywriting from advertising as copy is simply the words you use in your adverts! As well as everything else…This is why when you buy a marketing course or an advertising course or a copywriting course……you are only getting half the picture so I recommend that unless you already have a good handle on one aspect that you invest in a training that covers it all. And its also why I bundled these trainings together to create The Enchantment Protocol. So you get a total of five deep dive trainings conservatively priced individually at $1997, $1497, $997, $997 and $997…that’s $6485 of real world value. For $1997. Which is how much the Enchanted Marketing training alone sells for…so, if you like…another way to look at this is you are getting probably the best (and most up to date) marketing training available. AND you are getting Firebrand Advertising (probably the best (and most up to date) advertising training available). AND Engineering Authority which is the ONLY training on how to engineer authority and get celebs to plug your business. AND the best and most up to date mindset training available (combined, worth $4488).

It might sound completely backwards, but the best way to grow your business is to STOP advertising…the way you do now. The truth is, you are probably in a situation where you cant see the wood for the trees. You are to close to the problem. So you are probably doing what comes natural in that situation ~ doubling down on your efforts advertising more. Going to BNI meetings?Handing out post cards begging friends for referrals working longer hours…There IS another way! Here’s the difference…Earlier, I told you that competing on price is a race to the bottom…and that’s where I ended up. At the bottom. But that’s not true. Not entirely anyway. You see, my story didn’t END there. I continued to strive for better. True, I spent longer than I want to admit licking my wounds and working for “The man” before jumping back into self employment but I did…eventually. And during my time in the wilderness, I learned. I learned about marketing. I read a book called “Get Clients Now” by C. J. Hayden. That led to my business growing. From there I continued to learn and my business grew more and more. Then people started to ask if I could help with their marketing too. Friends and family at first. Then a trickle of recommendations. Then the trickle became a stream…then a flood. I eventually sold the business and concentrated on helping people market their businesses. After all, I had learned a lot of valuable skills. And it was what I had become passionate about. I didn’t hit home runs every time though, I did strike out occasionally. And I soon realized I had more to learn. So I continued studying marketing. I read all the great marketers books, enrolled in their courses and obsessed about marketing. I wanted to get my clients results. Man, one thing I HATED is when someone pins their hopes on me, thinking that I’m some kind of magic bullet and now that they have ME in their corner their business will finally take off…only to see it flop. That campaign I had worked so hard on just about breaking even…or worse still making a loss! Failing hurts. I hated seeing bad results. I felt I’d let my clients down. So over the years I studied like crazy and learned. I read hundreds of books and bought courses on marketing and advertising. And I distilled everything I learned into what I now use with all my clients. These secrets are my hyper growth secrets. These are what I know will produce MASSIVE results, to knock the ball so far out of the park it’ll never be seen again…I call these secrets my Enchantment Protocol. So, I went from not having a clue about marketing, and in danger of being just another statistic of “the economy” to pulling myself up by the bootstraps and becoming a success. You see, most people who fail in business just think…

The Enchantment Protocol Review by Kevin Duffield OTO Upsell Download – comprehensive training that gives any business owner an unfair advantage over the competition – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH will sold out.

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The Enchantment Protocol Review by Kevin Duffield OTO Upsell Download – comprehensive training that gives any business owner an unfair advantage over the competition – Copy & Profit From 30+ Done For You Affiliate Campaigns That TWO Marketers Use to Make $50,000 PER MONTH

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The Enchantment Protocol OTO / Upsell :

Enchantment Protocol
The Enchantment Protocol is a bundle of Enchanted Marketing, Firebrand Advertising, Kev’s Copy Course, Engineering Authority and Xmind. It is a comprehensive training that gives any business owner an unfair advantage over the competition.

Enchanted Marketing
Enchanted Marketing goes in depth on all aspects of marketing, covering in detail email marketing including how to execute several email marketing campaigns, direct mail, list buying…

Firebrand Advertising
Firebrand Advertising focuses on Facebook and YouTube advertising and following up using retargeting across the web.

Kev’s Copy Course
Kev’s Copy Course is a hard core copywriting training.

Engineering Authority
Engineering Authority is a training on how to get media attention including big news channel interviews, speaking on a Ted stage and getting celeb endorsement.

Xmind is a training on entrepreneurial mindset.

But the magic is how all of these trainings have a symbiotic relationship. How marketing, advertising, copywriting relate to each other and how to use them together along with the authority previously built up and how mindset is crucial to making them all “gel”

The Enchantment Protocol Testimony

“The secret to business is to know something that none of your competitors knows” ~ Aristotle Onassis

An Investment In Success

I cannot promise you that success will be instantly yours if you invest in The Enchantment Protocol. There is no such thing, after all, as a get rich quick scheme. There is work to be done. Just hording knowledge does you no good. You have to APPLY that knowledge. What I can guarantee is that if you APPLY the lessons you find inside, your business will take off and be propelled ever skywards, providing you with a very enviable income and the security that you and your family deserve. A lot of people think that ultra success is for “other people” like Richard Branson or Bill Gates or Warren Buffett or Steve Jobs. When they see someone driving a Ferrari they think “Lucky so and so, why cant I have that?” What if I told you that you can? If you are reading this I know you are already running your own business (or planning a start up). So now all you need to do is learn how to market it properly, the way those titans of business success market their businesses. You see…There IS a piece of the puzzle missing. Several actually. This stuff isn’t taught in school. If it was then EVERY business owner would be kicking back on a tropical beach somewhere while their employees do all the work. Everyone who owns a service based business (plumbers, pest controllers, builders, cleaners…) would already have built their businesses up and employed someone else to do the actual work so that they can enjoy the lifestyle they want. All business owners would! The only business owners who would still work IN their business rather than ON it would be the ones who didn’t want to take a less active role. And that’s fine, if you like to be involved then there’s nothing wrong with that. Just know that you DON’T HAVE TO. Please do not misunderstand me, I am NOT saying that there’s a conspiracy where the “haves” deliberately keep the “have not’s” down. There isn’t. Never has been. Never will be. So put the tin foil hat away. What I AM saying is that if you want to succeed in this life you have to go out and get it. And that everyone who does go out with the intention of getting it CAN get it. The only thing keeping them down is a lack of knowledge. Knowledge of how to market their businesses effectively. So they do what they know to do, advertise. Unfortunately, advertising alone, especially in the local paper is woefully inadequate. It simply doesn’t work any more. Nope, if you want to hit massive pay-dirt these days you need to do things differently. This class is all about collapsing time for you. You NEED this information, this knowledge to grow your business. But not only grow it but grow it FAST. To explode it! And there’s two ways to acquire that knowledge. 1) You can just stumble blindly along and every now and then have an “AH HA” moment whereby you are told about a trick or tip or method by a friend or you put the pieces together yourself over time and then experience a short sharp burst of growth. This way can and probably will take years, DECADES and even then you’ll probably only know one or two of these secrets by the time you retire. Or 2) you can invest in The Enchantment Protocol and learn these secrets and growth tactics quickly. All in one place. From the comfort of your own home or office and start employing them immediately. Today. Each and every one of the eighteen principles are tested and proven to be million or even billion dollar growth secrets and employed by the worlds wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs. That’s what I mean by collapsing time. That knowledge that takes other people decades to learn…f they ever learn it at all, and to learn how to apply, YOU can be learning it and applying it as soon as today and save yourself all those years of trial and error. And struggle.

“We are all self-made, but only the successful will admit it” ~ Earl Nightingale

But by now you have to understand tat there are actually TWO ways to grow your business…#1 – The Hard Way: This Is What 99% Of Business Owners Do. It Isn’t Their Fault, They Just Don’t Know Any Better…And its how I did things for a long time myself. Because I simply didn’t know any better. When I was running my taxi and pest control businesses I simply advertised in the local paper (when I could afford it) and yes I got work out of it. BUT I didn’t get enough work. And I was selling my services cheap. And I was competing with every other taxi firm and pest controller in the area. And the only thing I had to compete on was price. And as we know, competing on price is a race to the bottom. And that’s where I ended up.

“A big reason so many businesses compete on price is because they can’t prove what value they offer, so they’re stuck with the one selling point that’s a breeze to communicate: cheapness.” – Mish Slade

In fact this picture recently came up in my Facebook memories. This was when I was at my lowest ebb. The taxi and pest control businesses both dead. Living in that caravan after getting kicked out of my home. My Land rover broken down. My Dad paid for my membership of the AA so I could get to the mechanic who was going to fix the car.

“Anytime you find someone more successful than you are, especially when you’re both engaged in the same business, you know they’re doing something that you aren’t.” ~ Malcolm X

Don’t get me wrong…You can do very well in business going this route…IF you’re LUCKY. And if you have the time. Like I said, 99% of business owners don’t know any other way and a small number of them do build up very successful businesses…over time. Some trades do better than others when advertised in the local paper. You STILL need to know the right copy and images to use in the adverts but that’s easy enough to figure out. You just have to try out lots of variables and see which performs the best. We call that split testing. Most businesses grow over time by advertising and word of mouth. It takes a long time and a dedication to exemplary customer service. But it CAN be done. You advertise, get a customer, look after that customer and that customer 1) comes back and 2) tells his friends. To have a business that pays you millions will take a long time. And you’d better have a decent profit margin on each sale. #2 – The easy way. You can invest in The Enchantment Protocol and learn these secrets and growth tactics quickly. All in one place…From the comfort of your own home or office and start employing them immediately. Today. Each and every one of the eighteen principles are tested and proven to be million or even billion dollar growth secrets and employed by the worlds wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs.

They use it to sell EVERYTHING you can dream of, like:

  • Supplements…
  • Real estate…
  • Software…
  • Weight Loss…
  • Copywriting…
  • Investing & Wealth management…
  • Skincare…
  • Pet Supplies…
  • Taxi Services…
  • Pest Control…
  • Plumbing…
  • Furniture Stores…
  • Dentistry…
  • Lawyers…
  • Restaurants…
  • Gym membership..
  • Chiropractic…
  • Coaching/Consulting…
  • Self Defense Classes…
  • Sports/fitness training…
  • Interior Decorating…
  • and many, many more!

Once you have the right recipe, all you need to do is follow the instructions…

  • Step 1, sprinkle some of this in the bowl…
  • Step 2, cut your joint of meat this way…
  • Step 3, add this ingredient…

…and so on


BUT…It’s actually much more than that, it isn’t just a course. It’s a collection of courses and it’s heavily discounted at that.

So lets take a look…
You get all of my best selling trainings in one big bundle, here they are:


No business can grow without marketing. In fact, no business can survive without marketing. I hope that by now I don’t need to tell you that? What is marketing? Everything that takes a prospect on their journey from not even knowing you exist to being a customer and then to being raving fan. It’s the strategy. The planning. Yes I know, advertising is a part of that journey. But advertising is a huge topic in itself that I made a separate training to cover it. Marketing is planning what your message should say, who you are going to say it to, how you are going to say it, when you are going to say it and where you are going to say it. Marketing is also all about every follow up message and every contact your company has with each prospect, customer and client.

Here’s a few of things you’ll discover…

  • The ONLY way to get 100% open rate on your mailings even if you are a complete newbie meaning you’ll be able to bring in unlimited cash to swell your bank account at will
  • How to build an army of free salesmen who don’t need to be paid until after the sale so you can earn even while you take a day off. Or go on vacation. Or play golf. Or whatever you feel like doing with your time rather than working.
  • A perfectly legal and above board way to earn multiple 7 figures annually to your business simply by running some easy set and forget ads for other companies so that even if you go on vacation you’ll come home to way more money than you had when you left
  • How Ferrari earned over a Billion at the click of a mouse and how you can use the same strategy. I even take you by the hand and walk you through setting it up so you can get off the starting grid like one of the cars
  • 4 websites where you can buy bang up to date lists of your perfect customer. You can narrow these lists down to ONLY your perfect customer who are almost guaranteed to buy from you. AND 4 ways to put your offer in front of them but flying under the radar so they don’t feel like they are being sold
  • 5 different email campaigns that bring in cash like crazy for any business no matter what industry you are in meaning you will open the floodgates of cash at the click of a mouse whenever you want
  • How to make millions with a simple set and forget strategy teaching others how to do what you do. This takes a little effort to set up but it can earn you millions on the side
  • How to get an unlimited number of customers coming to your business and KEEP coming back by giving away a cheap item once. This campaign is responsible for the fasting growth one of my clients has ever seen
  • The secret method all the most successful entrepreneurs use to attract customers and partners to their business. I tell all in this exclusive video
  • An easy way to add as many zeros as you want to your bottom line by monetizing existing visitors (NO extra effort required, these people are coming to your site anyway) to your site, selling products to people who already want to buy them, without having to fulfill the orders (someone else does that for you) and without having to store inventory (someone else does that for you too). This just adds bucks to your bank account and makes your customers love you
  • What funnel hacking really is and what it isn’t. And how to do it properly. And 2 websites to make it as easy as falling off a log
  • How to properly plan out your funnel structure so you don’t get stuck trying to figure out what goes where later on
  • How to get past gatekeepers so your mail gets opened by the right person…rather than tossed in the trash by the wrong one
  • How to force google to put your business on page one of search results and keep it there. And this simple 5 minute task is free
  • How to buy out your competitors and hence their customers without putting down a deposit. This can more than double the size of your business over night
  • How to blow your competition away with incentives neither your customers or partners can resist and your sales staff will work round the clock to win
  • What J-Lo can teach you about business
  • Why your product/ service doesn’t sell well and how to make it irresistible with this simple, little known framework that can at least double profits over night AND keep your customers coming back for more
  • How to easily catch extra and follow up sales using these two amazing techniques most entrepreneurs overlook
  • The simple old fashioned envelope that is irresistible for prospects. They just can’t help but open it!
  • The little known website that generates unlimited headlines and bullet points for you at the click of a mouse… for free! No more staring at a blank screen
  • A free website where you can find all your competitors adverts, the graphics and copy used and see where they are placed and how long they have been running for so you can model and put your own ads in the same places, diverting some of that traffic to your site instead making your competitors weaker and you stronger
  • What classical music can teach you about growing your business
  • Two brilliant organic marketing methods that don’t cost you a penny but rake in cash like crazy
  • How to turbo charge your SWOT analysis and smash your goals
  • How to get a truckload of business by sending out EMPTY envelopes! This works like crazy! Even on notoriously difficult to reach customers
  • How to get a truckload of business without even sending an envelope! This is one of my best pulling campaigns and has been kept a secret until now
  • What NOT to EVER send in a direct mail campaign… unless you want it to die right there in the mail box
  • How to get the postal service to bring in swarms of new customers for you
  • One neat trick that takes moments to set up that turns 1 customer into 2 customers into 4, 8, 16 etc customers all on auto pilot. This causes your customers to multiply like a virus and your bank account to swell like a balloon
  • Why Amway is stuck in the dark ages and why that’s costing them millions. And what I would (and do) do differently.
  • How to make presentations to your prospects, customers and even your team automatically, even while you sleep AND get their email addresses for future marketing all in one cool move

There’s even a bonus video from non other than John Reese and Jason Potash where Jason shows in detail how to funnel hack the right way so you can launch a new funnel straight to profitability rather than having to guess what’s going to work. This same technique can even save a struggling campaign no matter how bad things have got. By the way, if you don’t know who John Reese and Jason Potash are then let me introduce you. John is the guy who famously made a cool $1 MILLION in a day launching an info product back when the internet was in its infancy. And Jason is his business partner in software company, Geru. To say these guys know their way around growing a business is an understatement and in this bonus video they’re giving you the roadmap so you can avoid all the dead ends and potholes.


Advertising is a hugely important part of marketing. Nothing happens till something happens. And what needs to happen is that a qualified prospect sees your advert and responds to it in a favorable way. Firebrand Advertising is all about making that happen. It is the nitty gritty of how and where to advertise, who to and on what platform. I go into dirty detail on the best types of ads for each platform, how to easily make those ads and how to place them. I talk in depth about how to get your ads showing up all over the internet so your best prospects can’t escape them.

What’s inside Firebrand Advertising?

  • The little known advertising strategy that allows you to not only compete with but OUTCOMPETE your BIGGEST competitors
  • How to make banners that really catch the eye. And stay on the right side of the law
  • How to compare two different images for the best response
  • The best pulling banner sizes
  • How to aim your adverts at people who have birthdays coming up. Or friends of people with birthdays coming up. This is a goldmine if you run any kind of entertainment business from restaurants and pubs to action and adventure days such as paintballing or race days and air balloon rides etc or any kind of beauty business such as nail salons , tanning salons, beauticians, hair dressers…
  • My industrial espionage secrets. This isn’t illegal. Yet
  • How to understand the Facebook and YouTube advertising platforms and know them like the back of your hand. No more confusion or panic. I walk you through it AND give you the map
  • My go-to platform for retargeting across the web. How to use it, how to find your way around it AND create killer retargeting ads. This gets your ads on all the top and most heavily trafficked sites in the world, think CNN, FOX, Forbes, BBC, ESPN. This creates massive consumer confidence ~ “this company is advertising on xxx, it must be legit”
  • Watch over my shoulder as I show you exactly where the Facebook pixel is located and how to set it up and how to install it and how to use it
  • Retargeting strategies and the psychology behind your different adverts
  • Handling objections in your retargeting ads. Psychology
  • An easy trick to delay fire your pixels to avoid wasting 70+% of your retargeting budget
  • The 4 REAL reasons people click away from your site and the psychological strategy for bringing them back. And a top secret way to not only get them to buy but also to sell on your behalf to all their friends
  • The best places to get the best stock video and audio to use in your ads
  • My (scud missile) method for targeting a building full to the brim with high value targets
  • The secret strategy that forces Facebook to build you an audience of millions of people with credit cards at the ready … for free
  • The easy peasy 4 step strategy to lull those people into opening their wallets for you almost in a trance
  • My amazing content multiplication strategy that means content you create once can be used across several platforms and formats, stay fresh and build followings of eager to buy customers who love you
  • How to syphon all the best leads off YouTube with an advertising strategy THEY don’t want you to know
  • My 3 step “good will” YouTube ads campaign that brings customers flocking to your door on autopilot

I even managed to persuade the undisputed king of Facebook advertising, Ace Reddy to provide a bonus video for you that deep dives into Facebook ads where he talks about everything from audience targeting to what time of day to set your ads to start running in order to get the algorithm working for you instead of against you. Yes, actually curry favor from the pixel!

Ace has:

  • Created $10+ million dollars in Revenue for himself and clients through Facebook Ads in multiple different niches.
  • Trained and mentored over 5,000 students from 190 countries.
  • Is a best selling author by co-writing a book with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank.
  • Been the most recommended eCommerce expert for over 2 years.
  • Helped create many multi millionaires and six figure earners over thelast few years.

This bonus video also covers…

  • When to run conversion/ purchase ads instead of lead gen ads.
  • Ace’s “sniper targeting”, semi broad targeting and the pros and cons of each.
  • Ad angles.
  • Copy.
  • Creatives (pictures and videos).
  • Steal his proven ad copy and template.
  • Lookalike audiences.
  • Negotiating with and using influencers.
  • How to manipulate Facebooks machine learning AI.
  • Testing and scaling your ads.
  • Campaign Based Optimization (CBO).
  • How long to let an underperforming ad campaign run before killing it.
  • How and when to optimize your ads.
  • 2 killer retargeting campaigns.


This is where I talk about how to get your niches celebrities raving about you, ACTUAL celebrities raving about you, even becoming a local celebrity yourself, media interviews and lots more Such as…

  • How to get celebrities to plug your business for free
  • How to get a celebrity’s contact details.
  • How to get featured in as many media publications as you want
  • A social media platform exclusively for celebs. Find anyone and their contact details
  • An easy way to create press releases AND get them published
  • How to get a coveted spot on a Ted stage


First of all, what is copy? It is your words. Literally everything you say in your adverts, leaflets, brochures, website, sales materiel. This is the fine art of persuasion. What to say, when to say it, how to say it, why to say it and what stage of the customers journey to say it at. This is how to persuade someone to buy your product or service. It’s how to get inside their minds and flick the “buy” switch. I describe copywriting as the golden thread that is woven through every communication you have with your customers and prospects. I just ask that you use this training ethically. Use it to persuade your prospects to buy your goods and services only if those goods and services are what they need and they’ll get use and benefit out of them. This isn’t about coercing people into buying crap that they don’t want and cant use just to make a buck. OK?

What’s inside Kev’s copy class?

  • The one simple addition BEFORE your headline that dissolves doubt in your prospects mind
  • How to make your copy “personal”
  • What do jumbo jets have to do with writing killer copy?
  • How to “dumb down” complicated parts of your copy so the reader gets it without being patronizing
  • How to make your competitors less attractive
  • By far the most important part of the copy process
  • The 3 simple but powerful questions to answer in your copy to have the prospect ripping his wallet out of his pocket in a rush
  • The killer psych insight that will have your prospects falling over themselves to buy your thing
  • Copywriting AI. Good or bad? Is it gonna take our jobs? How to use it rather than be used by it
  • Simple formulas to keep your copy on track
  • MY copy framework
  • How to pump out headlines and bullets faster than an uzi
  • How to do your research 10x faster and 10x more accurately with this simple hack
  • What the “Fast and the furious” franchise can teach you about copywriting
  • What to call your product/ service instead of “better” to see a massive increase in orders
  • What to do instead of outright telling people about your product or service so they buy like crazy but don’t “feel” like they’ve been sold
  • How to handle prospects objections in your copy so it never becomes an issue and it’s smooth sailing all the way to the buy now button
  • The only one thing people ever buy anything for. All else is secondary. And how to find it.


Honestly, I should probably be selling this for a lot more than a measly grand but for some reason mindset trainings don’t seem to sell for big money which is stupid because mindset is the most important thing in weather or not someone will be successful. My theory is that those who know the importance of mindset have already bought at least one mindset training and those who don’t know the importance of mindset wont invest in themselves for something they consider secondary. When Thomas Edison was asked what its like to fail 10,000 times he famously replied that he hadn’t failed 10,000 times, he had successfully found 10,000 ways it (the lightbulb) wouldn’t work. That’s a subtle mindset shift. And its a lesson if you are looking for one. Obviously, there’s a lot more than that one example inside Xmind.

And here’s a taste of what to expect…

  • What my neighbor who couldn’t read or write taught me about business entrepreneurship at the age of 12. And why it’s crucial for YOUR success
  • How being locked in a room with 100s of bed bugs for a week can turbo charge your success
  • How to pick and choose your habits and change the

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